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The PTO exists to support the students and staff at EAS.  Our school relies heavily on donations, corporate matching, and grants from our members and community help to fund the programs that make EAS so unique.  

History of EAS PTO:
For the past 20+ years, EAS has been asking for donations from family members to help run their programs.  Every year, families have been encouraged to donate $200 to help cover the costs.  During the past 20 years, this ask has not increased.

Thankfully, EAS has established partnerships with donors who provide sizable grants to fund many of these programs.  We also heavily rely on corporate matching of donations and volunteer hours.

Despite these extra avenues of income, we are at a point where the PTO needs to raise more money to help support EAS programs.

Our Ask:
For the 2023-2024 school year, the EAS PTO needs to raise:

This breaks down to:

96% of these funds will go directly back to student programs.
4% of these fund are used to manage the PTO

We know that financial and time commitments can be challenging for many families.  If possible, we encourage our community to donate what they can to ensure ALL EAS STUDENTS continue to receive this incredible educational opportunity.

Donate using:
At this time, we are only using Zelle to collect PTO donations.  We hope to add additional ways soon.

Please see our Zelle Instructions for more information on how to submit donations
using this platform.

Corporate Matching:
One way for PTO to lower our ask per student is for donations and/or volunteer hours to be matched through your employer.  Please make sure to list EAS PTO when you submit your matching request.

Budget Item
% of Budget
license, registration, insurance, tax prep
Community Events
socials, graduation, events
Student & Staff Support
curriculum support, staff appreciation, Health Fair
EAS & Community Grants
camp, supplies, stipends


$425 per student

Breakdown of PTO Funds:

This does not include the $25 PTO Membership Fee.

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