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Electives:  Session 2

Unless otherwise noted, all electives that require payment must be submitted through Zelle.  You may also drop off a check with Colleen in the office. 
If using Zelle, please locate your bank from the list of participating banks here.  Please refer to our Zelle Instructions if you have questions.

 In this series, students will design and illustrate a poster-size 2024 wall calendar, which will be professionally printed on your choice of fabric or paper. Basic instruction in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will be provided, but not required. The Graphic Design series will be offered all year, where students will explore some of the ways graphic design is used everyday to visually communicate and solve problems. Sessions will include design of publications, packaging, book/album covers, and more!  A great opportunity for those who have an interest in graphic design, or think they might want to pursue a design career in the future? Even if you just want some ideas for how to make your class assignments and presentations (and end-of-year boards and portfolios!) look more organized and compelling, these electives are for you!

Graphic Design


Editor in Chief

Want to learn to play the basics on guitar? Already know how to play but want to learn and practice more? This class could be for you. Join Mr. Kurt on Wednesdays and begin, or continue, the life-long enjoyment of playing the guitar. If there is student interest, students will also learn some beginning music composition.  Mr. Kurt has taught guitar lessons for over 25 years. He has taught both beginning students and intermediate to advanced. Students will need to bring a guitar each week to class. This can be a purchased or rented guitar. Several music stores in the area rent instruments.



Editor in Chief

Join instructors at MoveFree Academy in Woodinville for this fun and active, 1 hour, 15 min, Parkour class. Parkour is the functional art of movement, characterized by efficient use of power, speed, agility, spatial awareness, balance, reflexes, and thinking in the moment in order to overcome obstacles within one's environment. Parkour incorporates running, climbing, jumping and swinging. The instructors work with students at their level and comfort and assist them in developing appropriate, achievable goals. Foremost at MoveFree is the emphasis on safety while still having fun.



Editor in Chief

This is a self-directed course in the creation and appreciation of the ceramic vessel. Students will explore basic hand-building, including pinch pots, slab building, and coil building. Students may also get the opportunity to work with slip casting and wheel throwing. Class taught by Finn Hill librarian, Mr. Strong.



Editor in Chief

Explore the fundamental concepts of Python programming, including variables, loops, conditionals, and more. Throughout the course, students will gain hands-on experience coding in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a professional environment, to create applications and games. This course aims to unleash the potential of Python and empower students to utilize the capabilities of VS Code. Through VS Code, students will work on coding projects, save their work as text files, and have the chance to showcase their progress to their parents.

Introduction to Python


Editor in Chief

Enjoy knitting and want to have a relaxed, fun time knitting with fellow students?  This elective will be a casual knitting group for those with at least basic knitting experience. Students can start a new knitting project, continue working on a current project, or work with others on a group project.  There will be no formal knitting instruction. Students need to bring their own knitting supplies. Some yarn will be available each week, but extra needles will be limited.


No Fee

Editor in Chief

Come play a variety of strategy board games or join other in the Magic the Gathering card game craze. Each week there will be a large selection of fun board games available to learn and play as well Magic cards to borrow if new to the game and want to learn. This class is suited for all levels of Magic players as well as those who are new to board games or consider themselves board game enthusiasts. Class taught by Eric Battisti of Tolarian Scholars Northwest. Eric has been a part of our enrichment classes at EAS for several years. Eric is a Magic the Gathering expert as well as provides a variety of new and fun board games for students.

Games & Magic The Gathering


Editor in Chief

In this elective, students will have an opportunity to learn how to decorate cupcakes and cookies.  We will begin by exploring a variety of tools and techniques used to create beautiful buttercream frosting designs. After learning how to make a tasty buttercream recipe, students will practice their piping skills.  In addition to common piping tips, students will have a chance to play with color as they use Russian piping tips to create a variety of unique flower designs.  The second half of our time together will be focused on learning how to make and use royal icing.  Students will practice the skills of piping and flooding to create beautifully decorated cookies.



Editor in Chief

Join coach Bryan for Team Sports - Indoors!  We are taking coach Bryan's popular sports electives to Arena Sports this session where students will enjoy a variety of field games - soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, dodge ball, and more. All skill levels welcome. Coach Bryan is a local fitness enthusiast and athletic trainer and is a favorite among EAS students.

Team Sports


Editor in Chief

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